Class Descriptions

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is for absolute beginners, experienced yogis, and everyone in between.  Our heated practice contains a series of poses paired with mindful breathing, working the connection between body and mind. A consistent practice will build strength, range of motion, and balance; creating a relaxed body and calm mind.


Like everything else, it takes practice to become a powerful yoga teacher. Community Classes are a training ground allowing newer teachers and teacher trainees to gain experience while leading a group through a power yoga class. While in training at Portland Power Yoga, our teachers and trainees are coached and receive feedback in the moment from a teacher trainee during Community Classes. Come be a part of their journey!

Yin Yoga

In yin yoga we target the connective tissues, such as ligaments and fascia, along with the energetic systems of the body, bringing the body into balance and increasing it’s natural range of motion. Most poses are done while seated or lying down and are held in stillness for 3-5 minutes. This practice will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and restored. Non-heated room.

Buti Yoga

The word “buti” means “the cure to something hidden below the surface”. This is a total body workout fusing yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics, transforming the body from the inside out. Buti is set to a fun mix of music. Come with an open mind, prepared to move, dance, sweat and unleash your inner goddess. The room will be warm. YOU will be hot!