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Class Descriptions

All Levels

Our most popular class. It’s great for a new student on the journey to health and well-being as well as the more experienced yoga student. You will experience our dynamic, flowing yoga spiced with precise and healthy alignment. You’ll also have fun, sweat, detoxify, stretch, and rest at the end. You’ll leave class feeling completely transformed and wide awake!

Community Class

This is an All Levels class taught by a qualified teacher in training. We offer these classes at half the cost, making these classes accessible to students of all economic backgrounds. The wonderful energy of a Community Class buoys developing teachers in training, creates and supports the PPY community as well as fostering well-being and fun!

Hour Of Power

These classes have the power of the 90 minute All Levels sequence skillfully contained in a 1 hour format. Start your day off right with an early morning class or take a break mid-day then go back to work feeling terrific! As always, expect to have a great time and get your sweat on!

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a specific approach to yoga that works on a very deep level to awaken the connective tissue of your body, also known as fascia. Studies have shown that it’s not just muscles that need conditioning as we age; connective tissue also needs a “work out” to avoid the hardening and stiffening that takes place in our bodies as we get older. The key to the Yin Yoga experience is 3 fold: take the shape of the pose, stay as still as you can while in the pose, and hold the pose for 4 to 5 minutes. These longer holds in stillness work the deep layers of connective tissue that hardens whenever we engage in vigorous physical activity. Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to our active Power Vinyasa Yoga practice as well as athletic disciplines such as running, skiing, bicycling and all team sports. This class takes place in a warm room and is 1 hour and 15 minutes long. Guaranteed, you will leave feeling grounded and very deeply relaxed.


In this class, the sequences are bit more complex, including some more challenging poses or variations. However, it is not the complexity or challenging asana that make this class Intermediate. It is the call to focus, listening and being part of a group while working strongly as an individual that gives this class it’s Intermediate status. This class is 2 hours long. It is recommended to have taken at least 20 classes at PPY before attending this class or a big, burning desire to step up to a whole new level of focus and awareness.