In Class Privates


with Anne Esguerra c-IAYT


These one on one sessions occur during a scheduled class that works best for you. Anne will join you throughout the class offering hands on assistance, providing the space for you to explore how your body and mind interact.

As a Yoga Therapist, Anne believes in each person’s limitless capacity. Her work focuses on the importance of how your body and mind communicate with one another and how that communication translates to how you connect with the world around you. Before class you will have an opportunity to discuss what’s happening right now within your yoga practice/body/mind/life. This creates an intention for what you would like to focus on and explore. After class you’ll be able to discuss what stood out and how the knowledge you’ve gained can support you, your practice, your life.

“My yoga history goes back about ten years. Truly, one must practice several times a week to really experience all that yoga has to offer. Since beginning to practice at Portand Power Yoga, I have found it easy to get into a steady practice, and truly find my groove. I go 4-5 times per week.

Last Sunday I indulged myself and signed up for an “in class private” session with Anne Esguerra. Before this, my alignment could be described as pretty solid. My transitions are pretty smooth. I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been in my life. My mental state is generally calm. I have learned, through yoga, to keep it all in perspective and to live in the present.This one class, with Anne at my side, was truly transformative… I have some pre-arthritis symptoms in my hips. My vocation causes me to stand with my head tipped down and my shoulders hunched. We talked about this,(and more,) before class. During the flow, Anne was there to adjust and tweak my alignment. Her knowledge of the body and the shapes it should be making in order to receive the optimal benefits owere communicated with brief concise gestures and by guiding me deeper, or asking me to pull back.I felt solid in my own body, as Anne was able to guide me to realize the nuances I may have been missing. I dove deeper, and it was awesome. Once we went over alignment – I could feel her observing to see if it had sunk into my mind/body experience. If she saw a little resistance, or misunderstanding, she would just briefly communicate, whether it be with a whisper in my ear, or a gesture, and I would remember…I highly recommend this “in class private” session to anyone who wants to take their practice to the next level.Dive deep, yogi. You are worth it!”
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