Private Instruction

For some, our first yoga class can be intimidating. Working with a qualified teacher in a one on one situation can help allay your concerns without feeling overwhelmed or outmatched. The teacher will go over basic alignment, and give you the experience of flow which in turn will help to prepare you for stepping into your first class. You will also learn about modifications, if necessary, to meet your specific needs related to injury or body type.

Private lessons are perfect for when you have an injury or an ongoing physical issue that needs more specific attention. You will learn the basic concepts of how to modify poses and transitions so that you can reap the benefits of your practice and stay safe!

Feeling stuck? Like you’ve been riding a plateau in your practice? Private instruction is the catalyst to a whole new experience or a deeper understanding of what may already exist. You will get personalized, hands-on instruction, suited to your practice and to your body. A private session is a great gift for someone in your life who you love and who loves yoga!

Email us to inquire about rates and scheduling a private lesson today!