I’ve never done yoga in my life. Can I start with this type of yoga? Will it be too challenging for me?

Yes, you can begin with this style of yoga and go at your own pace. It’s always a good idea to check in with your physician if you have any specific issues that relate to performing physical activity. As with doing any new form of physical exercise, you will uncover muscles in places in your body that you never knew you had! Since you are in charge of your body and therefore your experience in every pose, you will soon learn to apply the proper intensity in each pose. Also, adaptation and variations are an integral part of this practice as well as resting when needed. The perfect blend of sweat and serenity!

What makes Power Vinyasa practice different that other forms of yoga?

Power Vinyasa yoga breaks the mold of the traditional yoga approach, allowing you to experience your yoga practice as a vehicle for personal physical, psychological, and spiritual transformation; it’s about intuition rather than tradition. Your body may not look like the cover of Yoga Journal and it doesn’t have to in order to reap the benefits of a steady yoga practice! Your body is your body and is designed to move, as it should. Comparing ourselves to others is a common human trait and can probably never be avoided. However, the more you practice yoga and become strong in your body the less you will compare and the more you will shine!

My gym has yoga. Why don’t I take those classes?

It is wonderful that people are exposed to yoga in health clubs and gyms. And while there is benefit to taking yoga classes anywhere, there is nothing like doing yoga at a studio that is dedicated to yoga and especially to one specific style. A good analogy might be that while your grocery store sells sushi, it is not going to be as good as that which you would get in a sushi restaurant made by trained sushi chefs!
So, it’s great that your gym has yoga classes and keep in mind that they are most likely taught in a multi-use room used for spinning, aerobics, Pilates, and other classes. Thus, it is not specifically outfitted for yoga. In many cases, the room is not separated from the rest of the gym and noise from the radio or televisions can leak in…. This is hardly the environment where you can come into your body, out of your head and relax! This can make for a diluted experience – an experience of feeling almost the same as when you first came in. Practicing yoga in an environment like this is just about as restful as practicing in the checkout line at the grocery store or in the middle of a highway.

Also, bear in mind, that some yoga teachers in a gym setting may not be as fully trained as those who work in a studio dedicated to only teaching yoga. The growing popularity of yoga makes for more yoga teachers who may not have had extensive training. Check to see if your yoga teachers have not only done yoga but have credentials in other fields such as body work, dance background, or educational and leadership credentials. Ask questions of your teachers always!

What if I am too fat, too tall, not flexible, or too old?

You don’t need to be any thing other then alive and breathing to do yoga. Just come with an open mind and heart, a willingness to let go and you will be on your way. The poses themselves will tell you where you can and can’t go. The more you practice, the more tension you will release, increasing your range of motion and body strength. You can adapt, you can rest, and you can work hard or pull back. As you become stronger and freer, your body will effortlessly return to a natural healthier state. No matter whether you can or can’t do Headstand, Portland Power Yoga Power Vinyasa yoga will enhance your physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being!

I’m pregnant and I would like to practice Power Vinyasa yoga. Is it safe?

As stated above, checking in your physician first may be a good idea. We recommend not starting this style of yoga if you are a raw beginner unless you have had another strong physical regime such as running or cardio work before starting. If you had a strong yoga practice before you became pregnant than this practice can help maintain strength and bring ease into your pregnancy experience. It is important to know that certain poses are contraindicated for pregnancy and must not be done while pregnant. These include twists, inversions and lying on your belly. Modifications can be made for these variations that will work to keep you strong and safe!