Our Teachers

Each of our instructors has been transformed by yoga in some way. You will find in each of our teachers HAS a love for the practice and a passion for sharing it with others.Many of our teachers have studied yoga extensively and have been trained in a variety of styles. But ALL of our teachers have been trained by Live Love Teach and you can expect a consistent class experience every time.

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Julie Kiger

Owner / General Manager

Julie brings her successful business background—combined with her love of yoga and community focus–to our studio. She originally started practicing yoga seven years ago to lose weight—which she did—but soon discovered that that was only the tip of the iceberg. Through her yoga practice, Julie began to see—as she puts it: “We choose the life we want to have. We choose how we live that life.” She decided to put that philosophy into full play at Portland Power Yoga and to inspire others to live a powerful life.

In 2011(?), Julie began her teacher training in the studio, assisting for two years, and went on to receive her 200-hour certification with Alice Riccardi, her level one with Baron Baptiste, and is in the process of her 500-hour certification with Live Love Teach.

Julie speaks about operating a stand-out studio in a city saturated with yoga class options: “Part of the PPY difference is that our teachers are trained to be in the present moment—not scripted or pre-planned with pre-conceived outcomes. As a result, a PPY class is a live training ground for real life.”



Darcy Prock

Director of Teachers

Darcy has been a celebrated fitness teacher in the Portland area for two decades. Intent on continuing the transformation that began when she attended her first class at Portland Power Yoga, she brings her passion, strength, wisdom, humor and experience to her yoga classes and to the teachers she mentors.

Since her first yoga teacher training with Baron Baptiste in 2008, Darcy has studied with many teachers, including Alice Riccardi, Roberto Lim, Sarah Powers, Ana Forrest, Bryan Kest, Renee Armen Deslauriers and Philip Urso. She completed her 200-hour teacher training with Alice Riccardi in 2011 and is currently working on her 500-hour teacher training through Live Love Teach Yoga School.

In teaching yoga, Darcy hopes to share with her students the insight that they do not need to suffer for one more moment. ”In this moment, you are whole and complete. There is nothing that needs to be added in this moment, nothing to do, nothing to change or fix. In this moment, you are perfect. This is peace. When you feel that sense of peace in your body you understand immediately that it doesn’t come from anywhere but within you. We’ve been searching for it everywhere else, haven’t we? The thing is, we had it all along, it was always with us. Peace is who we are. Peace never left us, we left it.”



Anne Esguerra

Yoga Therapist (c-IAYT) / Event Programming / Design

Like so many others, Anne started practicing yoga 15 years ago for the physical experience, but stuck around because of the way it deepened her life. She thinks of herself as a yoga guide or facilitator, and her philosophy is: “If you are on your mat, you are you own teacher.” Anne feels called to heal with touch, so she completed an assisting training in 2009, and then she started on her path of becoming a yoga therapist through Phoenix Rising, of which she is now a faculty member and mentor. She currently is one of two Yoga Therapists in Portland, ME with C-IAYT (Certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapists). She also attends trainings that inform her, such as the Yoga Behind Bars training in 2015. She says, “I have always felt the human condition is a fascinating place, so I always seek to understand more and see through the voice of others experience as well as my own.”

Reflecting on what understanding she’s gained through yoga, she says, “There’s a misconception that yoga needs to be a certain way in order to ‘work.’ Some folks feel like they need all the bells and whistles to feel their body, instead of the simple act of breath.” She continues, “I am just as crazy and unorganized as the next person. We are all human. Let’s be a great big mess together! Cause for real: that’s the best part.”

Outside of yoga, Anne enjoys playing and singing music and dancing as a member of the West African inspired New Moon Ensemble. She also loves drinking coffee and beer, playing in the dirt in her garden, being with her dog, and climbing.

Interested more in Yoga Therapy / Therapeutic Life Mentoring, Body Mind Communication & Human Connection? Visit her site at www.horizonlineme.com OR Schedule an In Class Private: annee@portlandpoweryoga.com



Philip Payson

Suffering from a bad back, Philip starting practicing yoga regularly when he overheard his chiropractor say that hot yoga had saved her life. He gave it a try and loved it immediately. He completed Baptiste teacher training levels one and two, as well as assisting training and two Yin yoga weekend intensives. An avid meditator, Philip has participated in several retreats of up to 10 days, and enjoys bringing that aspect of yoga into his teaching. He loves the community that is generated when engaged in a shared activity that unites everyone in the room. “We live in a culture that encourages isolation and consumption,” Philip says. “Breathing and sweating together dissolves boundaries. Yoga affects people on all levels physically, psychically, and spiritually.”

Sharing some of what yoga has taught him, Philip says, “Life happens in the present moment only. The breath is a mysterious and powerful teacher.” He continues: “If students get a glimpse of their true nature if only for a moment–moving the primary interpreter of experience from the head/thought stream to the heart, from thinking to feeling–they will know peace and a sense of well being.”

Philip meditates every day: he “really, really, really wants to awaken to the truth of Being,” even though he’s not entirely certain he knows what that is. He also wants the Red Sox to win another one. He enjoys being outside on the water, reading books, and listening to weird podcasts. He says, “I once drank ayahuasca with a South American shaman. If it’s out there… I’m in.”



Kristen moustrouphis

It was the physical practice that hooked Kristen when she came to her first yoga class at Portland Power Yoga in 2006.  Soon, she noticed that the yoga was changing her life outside the studio, and in 2014, she announced that she wanted to teach a yoga class when challenged to make a verbal affirmation of something she wanted during the 40 Days Program at PPY. Soon, she began training with Darcy Prock and completed her 200-hour training through Live Love Teach.  

Reflecting on her yoga practice, she says, “I found myself drawn to my mat in the lowest/darkest time in my life. I couldn’t explain why, but I felt safe there, and I left feeling better. Yoga not only got me though that time, but it also gave me a new skill set, a way of being different in the world.” Kristen wants to share that sense of freedom with her students: “Right there inside ourselves is everything we need. Turns out we are all safe and we are all complete, and if we can connect with that part of ourselves, suddenly there are no limits to our own potential!” 

Outside of yoga, Kristen is a Crossfitter and Crossfit coach.  She also loves to be with her dog, Addy, walking in the woods, hiking, rock climbing, or snuggling on the couch.  She spends a lot of time with her family, and she’s always reminded of how important play is by her nieces and nephews. 



Kaisa mann

Kaisa explains what brought her to Portland Power Yoga like this: “The truth is that I was suffering so much with debilitating depression and anxiety. I was barely functioning. I decided to try yoga at PPY, and it was the first time I could remember that for a full hour I experienced some relief from my own mind. Gradually, the relief continued on after class and even into the next day and so forth. I haven’t stopped coming since then. It’s the only thing that has helped me.” Four years later, Kaisa is teaching yoga at PPY, motivated by the hope that she can create a place in her classes where others can benefit the way she did.

Taking trauma-informed yoga classes and earning a certificate through Yoga Behind Bars to teach yoga in jails, Kaisa began her formal training in 2016 through Live Love Teach and with mentorship from Darcy Prock and Julie Kiger, who taught her to find and believe in her own voice.

Passionate about her job as a social worker in residential treatment for teens, Kaisa also loves her cats and the beach.  Her motto is: “Keep showing up. If you don’t want to do it–do it anyway. Your body can do so much more than your mind will let you believe.”


donna hickey

After a really bad, emotionally turbulent day back in 2014, Donna took a class at Portland Power Yoga–and walked out of the studio door feeling euphoric. It was this breakthrough that kept her coming back and started her on the road to transformation.

In 2016, Donna completed her 200-hour teacher training through Live Love Teach, and is currently working on her 500-hour training.

Donna strives to teach her classes so that practitioners learn they can make a choice between stimulus and response—and that we don’t have to believe everything we think.